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At the end of S3 both Lydia's best friend and her boyfriend/distraction die within the space of about a day and her other remaining friend from pre-canon, Danny, is never heard from again (I assume they kept in contact offscreen through the internet); the fan-made timeline claims both died on Tuesday November 14. The show picks up a month and a half later and none of this is referenced in the first half dozen episodes and Lydia doesn't seem emotionally affected at all.

My Lydia is therefore in such a stunningly different emotional place from canon Lydia that I just can't reconcile the two - and I've stopped watching the show.
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Lydia had, even when woken, barely had the energy to do more than take her face and shoes off and fall into bed still in her party dress - and from there she slept the clock right round, and hadn't managed to eliminate all traces of her birthday party before her mother got home (although her mother thought the party was a lot smaller than it actually was). But everyone agreed via facebook it had been a spectacular party until the police broke it up, better even than in her Freshman year. So whatever had happened to Lydia was a shame - but she was still Lydia.

But Lydia had been on the back foot long enough, and now there wasn't a Peter in the way and Danny was read in it was time to take the offensive. Not all who she'd have chosen; Stiles for one was far too erratic to make planning a good choice; she could see he'd be a useful sounding board but not that he'd stick to plans. And Isaac was at last getting a backbone. The people were obvious.

Which is why a handful of people all got invitations from her in different ways but all saying about the same thing. "We need to compare notes. Recess today on the school roof. Lydia." It was after all an excellent place to not be overheard - and people didn't notice people missing at recess the way they would at lunch. Allison's invitation was, of course, verbal; there were half a dozen ways up to the roof but she was new so Lydia would show her one of the easier ones.

"This way." Lydia smiled, pointing out a ladder. "It's one of the worst kept secrets in school. As is the code to the roof. Anyone else you think we should have invited? And the padlock at the top doesn't actually prevent you opening the bolt."
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The first Allison had heard officially about Lydia's party was Erica speculating loudly that after the term she had had Lydia wasn't going to throw one. After Lydia said she was only planning on a small one Jackson had snorted, Danny's eyes had twinkled, and Styles had muttered something about warning his dad. And none of them had clued her in anywhere they could be overheard (but anyone would tell her in private) that Lydia was planning a pretty huge party and just driving up demand. Styles also speculating whether Erica was deliberately working for Lydia or just being manipulated by her.

The next week Lydia would try to drag Allison round about half the amateur bands at the school, half auditioning them and giving snarky comments while they were playing. Critiquing them and in a couple of cases splitting them up and making new ones that worked better. And recruiting live music for her party with the promise of an audience to play live in front of. Requests for invitations also started trickling in. Erica was watching on with wide eyes as Lydia started using meticulously hand-written invitations as currency for favours - when most of those favours were to help other people out.

And when asked her only comment was "It's time to remind people, especially wolves, who I am." And based on Erica's current dress sense it seemed to be working. Only Allison would get to see Lydia's charts of people and who could use what, and how exhausted she was at the end of each day especially as she was also trying to keep up with Allison's training regime and any research.
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 "Of course it's fucking Jackson." Lydia's tone was tart as she pressed down on Erica's stomach with the ball of her foot, speaking directly to Derek. "That wasn't obvious? I assume you were the one that bit him." Her smile turned acid and her voice dripped scorn. "And I'm not afraid of you. You sent your betas in after me because you were too much of a coward to do your own dirty work."

She shrugged. "Me I'm just immune. And I've..." Her flinch was tiny although possibly not too tiny for a small pack of werewolves to pick up on. Her tone, suddenly, from dripping scorn and venom became utterly casual. "nothing to worry about at all. No supernatural problems." And if people didn't pick up on that that was their problem. But she couldn't say more.

So she turned to the tear stained Erica who had been hit by both Kanima venom and blended wolfsbane, pressing down harder. "And you? You think you can depose me socially. Even with superpowers you couldn't beat me physically. And Allison throws me around like a rag doll." She tried to keep the frustration out of her voice, but knew she hadn't succeeded.
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Lydia would far rather study at either of their houses than she would at the library, but teaching Allison a little more maths was useful. In this case some not so basic calculus mixed with trig. She wondered if Allison knew just how far beyond honours math she was taking her, but Allison had taken like a duck to water to the math needed to be either a sniper or a spotter for a military sniper. And if she could solve the calculus (and trig) needed to handle drag and wind then all she needed to do was translate problems into ones she could actually solve. It wasn't an approach that would work with everyone - but did with Allison, which was the important part. And she wondered what Allison would say when she showed her the trig sections from a genuine SAT paper; she knew Allison was better than she thought.

But something scratched her arm and she turned; the first thing she saw was a flicker of movement but Allison was sitting oddly. Barely moving, and with a spot of blood on the back of her neck. "Allison?" Her eyes went to one of her few real friends; the flicker of movement was less important.
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Lydia Martin has always been a Banshee, and it's at the root of quite a lot of her personality.

Put simply there has always been a sussurus of voices on the edge of Lydia's hearing, and many of them have been whispering things she didn't want to hear (after activation they just became a whole lot louder). She thinks it's just normal and just her imagination (none of them are strong enough to hear as voices).  Which means that she's never really wanted to be alone with herself - and certainly not to relax or meditate. Two things shut them out easily - concentration and real people. Lydia left by herslef will therefore always find something to do or to explore or to learn, all in order to avoid being surrounded by silence. (A lot of banshees both before and after activation turn to drinking to keep away the voices - they are normally either very sparky or very dull).

So Lydia spends her time on her own learning stuff (she was always smart - but it's amplified by the fact she never stops because she doesn't want to be alone) and her time with people trying to make sure there isn't silence; it doesn't matter what the attention is but comfortable silences ... aren't. And the voices are at their worst when she's on the edge of sleep.

But there is an upside. Sometimes when she's working on something they try and help. Sometimes it works. She learned to read ridiculously young because at the time in the cloud around her were both a librarian and a primary teacher who'd work together whenever she got stuck so she could figure out the word in question. And because they were helping her they could get through.

And this doesn't count the ones living vicariously through her.  The ones who subliminally point out things they wish they could still do. All too quiet for her to hear unless what they are suggesting aligns with something she actually wants.

But make no mistake about it - the brains, the skills, and the decisions are all hers. She's just had better teachers along the way than anyone including she realises. And she's been seeking out new things to learn ever since she started to learn to talk (again very early - there was almost a chorus of whatever any word she wanted was; the voices haven't been as unified since). She may have had a head start, but she's built on it.
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Jackson Whittemore in Teen Wolf is barely a character in season 1. Instead he's a foil. In almost any scene he's in it makes as much sense to say "What can he do to give Scott an obstacle to overcome?" as it does to ask what his actual motivations are. And this, of course, has repercussions for the character of Lydia (especially as whatever either of them say they are very fond of each other, especially her of him).

Which means that unless I'm playing off a Jackson I need to work out what she sees in him other than position. This is pure headcannon.
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Lydia swallowed checking her makeup just round the corner from the Argents. Allison wasn't a rival, of course. Not that she couldn't handle rivals. But you should always look either your best or your worst when asking for a favour - and Lydia very much needed one. Like most things she'd prefer to not have her facade slip, but it was either Allison or people she didn't know and couldn't investigate properly.

She'd barely slept the past couple of nights since that night in the school, instead wondering how she could fit in and thrive in this new world. It wouldn't be much harder than for a gawky math-geek to become Queen Bee after all. It was just the consequences of a mistake that might be a lot more severe. Fortunately she was Lydia Martin and did not make mistakes. But if she wasn't sleeping she could at least put the time to good use; most recently downloading the MIT guide to lockpicking and starting to teach herself. She was never again going to be stopped by a locked door at school, and she was working on getting some hairpins that worked as a torque wrench and picks (having realised that using ordinary hairpins was pure Holywood).

Still, this was more important. She checked her makeup one last time, as if she was going on a date. But she wasn't. She was Lydia Martin, and there were just too many downsides to dating a girl, at least while she was still at school (at College might be a different story). No bags under her eyes; makeup was useful that way.. Hair loose, lips pink. Nail polish only a semi-translucent pink. More innocent than she normally looked but she was going to ask Allison to teach her. A nice flaring skirt; after the incident in school she'd taken all the pencil skirts out of her wardrobe. Nothing she couldn't run in if she tried - and the differences were subtle.

Everything in place she drove up to Allison's house to knock on the door, noting with relief that Chris Argent's car wasn't there. He was creepy. A breath before she stepped out of the car and walked up the drive, heels barely clicking, to ring the bell. She was Lydia Martin. She didn't get nervous - especially not when seeing one of her best friends.


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