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Name:Lydia Martin (S1)
Birthdate:Jan 1
Lydia Martin is the star of her own life. After all, who isn't. And she looked round and realised that the roles in school were very much those of a teen high school drama. She could either play the role she was naturally suited to of genius high school nerd or she could have a whole lot more fun becoming and being the Queen Bee. It wasn't a hard choice to make even if disguising how smart she is is occasionally annoying.

Recently the rules have changed. She's no longer living in something that might be a teen drama - instead it's a horror movie complete with real werewolves, and she's well aware of the odds of survival of the Queen Bee in a horror movie. The obvious route for survival would be to become the smart girl, providing clues and exposition normally after it's too late to do any good. But she's Lydia Martin. And has no intention of playing second fiddle in her own life even if the supposed star can turn into a giant furry wolf-creature.

Taken by default from S1 post Night School and pre Formality; can be taken from any point up to the end of S3.
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